Cross-Border E-Commerce in Asia Pacific Region – Consideration from Japan

Corporate Directions, Inc 25 July 2019

This contributed presentation details the current business trends of cross-border e-commerce in Asia Pacific region.


The popularity of Japanese products in Asian Pacific region has been increasing with the recent strong growth of tourists visiting Japan. In addition that tourists purchase the products in Japan, the number of tourists purchasing Japanese products after returning home has been growing. Furthermore, based on word-of-mouth communications from friends and acquaintances who have visited Japan, the number of customers purchasing Japanese products before visiting Japan has been also increasing.


Needless to say, merchandise sales at cross-border e-commerce sites is an excellent sales means that enable Japanese companies to expand their trading area while minimizing initial investment required for overseas expansion. On the other hand, the reality is not all Japanese products are sold well at cross-border e-commerce sites. Japanese companies need to recognize their lack of resources and capabilities, and the shortage area might be required to closely cooperate with partners which deeply figure out the customer characteristics in Southeast Asian region.


Readership in this contributed presentation assumes
1. Segments to expand sales of Japanese promising products in Asia Pacific region
– person in charge of sales operations at overseas subsidiaries of Japanese company
– person in charge of product procurement at retailer/ e-retailer/ distributor, etc.
2. Segments to support the overseas expansion for Japanese companies in Asia Pacific region
– person working at marketing agency
– person working at research companies
– person working at logistics companies operating in Asia Pacific region, etc.


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