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Japan-Taiwan Strategic Alliance Platform Inaugural Seminar was Held in Taipei

Corporate Directions, Inc 3 July 2018

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Joint Ventures between Thai and Japanese Developers – The Changing Competitive Landscape in the Thai Condominium Market –

Corporate Directions, Inc 28 March 2018

Over the past decade, the condominium market in Thailand has been growing at a rapid pace, especially in Bangkok. While condominiums in Thailand only account for 2.4% of Thai households (NSO Census, 2010), they are the by far the fastest growing category of residential property in Thailand. According to AP, Thailand’s leading property developer, despite … Continue reading Joint Ventures between Thai and Japanese Developers – The Changing Competitive Landscape in the Thai Condominium Market –

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Strengths and Challenges of the Asian family businesses
-Discussion with Associate Prof. Yupana at National University of Singapore Business School-

Corporate Directions, Inc 5 December 2016

We had an opportunity to discuss the above topic with Yupana Wiwattanakantang, Associate Professor at National University of Singapore Business School.  We discussed the need for Thai family businesses to evolve, while at the same time I gained insight to the nature of family businesses in Japan. (October 2016)

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Vietnam at the Gate of TPP – A Strategy Perspective

Corporate Directions, Inc 6 June 2016

TPP was one of the most spoken buzzwords within Vietnam’s business circle in 2015. As the nation with the lowest level of income among the members, Vietnam is said to benefit the most while at the same time face the greatest hurdles if it wants to truly integrate into such a comprehensive economic agreement. There have been much discussions in the press about shifting production bases, rules of origins or necessary reforms of SOEs but we believe these content while being too broad are not detailed and relevant enough for business managers.

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Vietnam’s financial system and some consideration on SOE reform

Corporate Directions, Inc 16 May 2016

The evening in Vietnam is all about beer. In the blazing heat of a tropical night, you can expect to see the sights of many people sitting in plastic chairs on the side of the street drinking beer. As a can of beer (350ml) costs less than a dollar, it is so easy to order “one more” and end up drinking too much.
With such a low level of prices, one might think beer companies are not making much profits. …

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The Beer Market in Southeast Asia

Corporate Directions, Inc 4 April 2016

Southeast Asia (SEA), with its high economic growth and low alcohol consumptions compared to the developed world, coupled with a young population and emerging middle class, is a promising market for beer producers.  International giants such as Heineken, Carlsberg, and Kirin are aggressively expanding in SEA by acquiring dominant domestic brands and each other, as Heineken bought the remaining stake in its subsidiary Asia Pacific Breweries from Fraser and Neave (F&N) in 2012. At the same time, prominent local players are also making deals: Thailand’s Boon Rawd is in a joint venture with Carlsberg, while Thai Beverage acquired F&N in 2013.

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